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Objective: Double the number of monthly signups. ), you need to care about setting clear goals. OKRs encourage you to focus on accomplishing a few milestones you should aim to have no more than three to five corporate objectives, with no more than five key results for each objective. The resulting department, team, and individual OKRs must be aligned with, in support of, and contribute to the top company priorities. Its asking the companyand leadership team, Why are we doing what we are doing?. Lets revisittwo of our previous examples: Disney and IKEA. OKRs can be especially useful for digital services companies, as they allow for more qualitative objectives with quantitative and measurable key results. An unexpected benefit for his agency was that the process of brainstorming OKRs across teams got employees out of their day-to-day work and thinking about where The Stable wants to go and how they fit into that. Marketing OKRs often center on increasing views, impressions, leads, or signups, and on creating new content. Companies at earlier stages of their growth lifecycle on the other hand may fall anywhere in the development stages from definingperformance management metrics to building success strategies. Example Company OKRs. Just as they can direct our strategic thinking, they can guide our functional work, too. Collaborative Work Management Tools, Q4 2022, Strategic Portfolio Management Tools, Q4 2020. In his book, High Output Management, Grove wrote that there are two essential questions companies need to answer to use a framework like OKRs: Even though OKRs originated at Intel, they didnt become popular in the tech community until people learned that Google used the framework to scale to the industry giant it is today. The framework encourages leadership teams to write down and formalize what theyre trying to achieve and make it visible across the organization. OKR for Finance brings about strategic alignment, focused execution, employee engagement, and improved communication. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Objective: Create a more goal-oriented company culture. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. This OKR is ok-ish, but it's missing a few elements that could make it really good. Review, reimburse, and report on employee expenses in one location. For leaders to begin setting company OKRs, its important to take a look back at where this whole process starts. Collections of actionable tips, guides, and templates to help improve the way you work. The following OKR example for managers focuses on personal development of employees in order to keep them satisfied and engaged. Companies look to OKRs at different stages of their lifecycle. Best Finance and Accounting OKRs Examples. Maximize your resources and reduce overhead. organizations everywhere are adopting objectives and key results (OKRs) to help define and track tangible goals that every employee can champion Paycors leadership brings together some of the best minds in the business. Quickly automate repetitive tasks and processes. (updated July 27, 2021). They didnt work how these services companies needed them to. Key result 2: identify 5 key areas for customer service and product improvements. Every objective corresponds with up to 5 corresponding key results that, If its not quite clear yet, dont worry. Its your decision as to how long that span is. See how were taking the right STEP toward inclusion and belonging. Its important for employees to understand what is driving the company. Retain our hard-earned customers, reducing churn where factors are in our control. Seeing Sales Staff as close and trustworthy friends, More open and informal communication on a regular basis. Dramatically increase our teams capabilities, systematically and consistently. Over-challenging objectives tend to be demotivating to team members if they feel out of reach and unattainable. Theres never been a better time to join. Heres what we like best about OKRs for digital agencies: OKRs, supported by the right tools to accurately measure how youre performing (hint, hint ), can fuel growth for digital services companies. Objective: Reach a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $75,000. Create a team of engaged and happy colleagues. In order to formulate high-level OKRs, also known as company targets, are goals which are being derived from certain key factors (e.g. Objectives are qualitative, whereas key results are quantitative (measurable) and time-bound. KPIs on the other hand are simply a high-level quantitative result that you want to track. 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Objective: Increase understanding of consumer behavior. . Instead, start each Key Result with an action verb and continue the sentence with a description of what will be delivered with evidence of completion. Objective: Raise professional artist awareness of the new masking product. As you can see, the CEO sits at the top level of the company. Key Results are the "Hows" an objective will be achieved. Deliver project consistency and visibility at scale. Therefore, Objectives should be ambitious and of qualitative nature. Eliminate large down payments and end-of-year surprises. Set three to four key results per each objective. According to John Doerr, author of Measure What Matters, with Key Results, this isnt meant to encompass everything thats happening but only those things that make a truly meaningful difference.. To see the full benefits of the OKR methodology, you need to select the appropriate alignment model for your company. The example details "Revenue " Pillar Fitbots OKRs has a great collection of OKR Ebooks & templates to help you get strated with OKRs. III Scope of Services and Payment Schedule. While all objectives are ultimately aligned with higher level OKRs, there is no strict alignment that prevents individuals from setting personal growth OKRs. Therefore, its not necessary to pigeonhole the company vision statement in order to make it sound appealing to everyone else. We've already given 2 examples of OKRs that can be defined by the top management of a company. Key result 4: interview 20 recently churned customers. We break a kick-ass new record for our monthly recurring revenue. Writing OKRs isnt easy. The following examples of human resources OKRs highlight personal development, manager development, and employee engagement aspirations. The faster a software engineering team is able to develop new features, the faster value can be created for the customer. . The CEO still sits at the top level, just as in the Full Alignment Model. An action plan to help you achieve HR excellence based on Paycors proprietary data and research. Fill out the form for access. When it comes to writing yours, dont reinvent the wheel and waste your strategic energy. View our product demos to get a deeper dive into the technology. The flexible alignment model appeals to startups and smaller teams. We foster trust (1) in our team through more communication (2), more personal (3), and informal interaction (4). Seeing is believing. This kind of OKR is a rather advanced method recommended for experienced OKR practitioners. 24 hour (s) 22 hour (s) 20 hour (s) 17%. OKR examples are the easiest way to paint a picture of OKR and explain the difference to other goal management frameworks. Were fans of Lattice and use it at Parallax. They fall short, however, when companies attempt . Objective: Increase net sales to $2 million from $1.75 million. Services in each of the work areas shall be performed under and at the direction of the chief elected official or their designated representative. Streamline operations and scale with confidence. Setting OKRs are a great method for HR departments to track and measure their performance. Access collaboration tools and resources that help champion equality and promote DE&I best practices in the workplace. Objective: Maximize email marketing campaign. Automate routine tasks, mitigate compliance risks, and drive efficiencies across your organization. Your managers or department heads are the best people to consult when creating annual OKRs. Increase Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) by 15%. Create a set standard for training to offer increased customer support. But if youre new to OKRs, it can be hard to know where to start, which is why we wrote this guide. No-code required. "You might think, well, I've only got one objective, which ignores other aspects of the business. Objective: Attain highest-ever employee satisfaction score. Interested in further Case Studies and best practices? Access eLearning, Instructor-led training, and certification. However, depending on your circumstances, a qualitative achievement may represent a considerable step forward for the business. But one of the great advantages of using the OKR methodology is that it can be staggered for lower hierarchical levels, so the whole company pursues the same end goals, but using specific Key Results for each . Objective: Reduce operations costs by 20 percent. To help set effective executive-level goals, here are some OKR examples for CEOs you can refer to. To see Objectives as states or endpoints and Key Results as outcomes and not task lists is usually a good idea. For these mature companies, converting company visions, missions statements and even annual plans into annual or quarterlyOKRs is a shorter process as the foundation has already be laid given developed metrics and strategies of success. See how our solutions help you reduce risk, save time, and simplify compliance management. What makes this high-level goal so special is the fact that it is aligning with one of the company goals and is thus also aligned with other internal goals being linked to the same company goal: The main goal of Content Marketing is to provide content that is interesting to readers from the target group and at the same time helping Sales to generate leads. Just like adopting a new pet, 5 Ways Digital Leaders Can Motivate Their Teams, Driving Strong Cultures AND Business Results . Pharma expert Doru Dinu from Romania shares insights on how the economic downturn has impacted big Pharma companies and the challenges they are now facing. Were growing and want to hear from you. This exercise aligns employees on what the company is working toward, makes it easier for digital agencies to only say yes to the type of work that jives with where theyre trying to go, and improves communication through clarity and transparency. One of many ambitious OKR examples for Elon Musk's SpaceX would be: When drafting OKRs and setting the basic components of the Objective it is crucial to always have the actual value proposition in mind in order to create effective OKRs. Move faster, scale quickly, and improve efficiency. If you dont know what to measure or how the framework is useless. Objective: Increase brand awareness. Because aligning and cascading OKRs can be very confusing, we recommend OKRs are thought of as company-wide efforts where different functional teams champion the objectives and own the key results. For further reading, we recommend our thought-through kits for product and IT teams. Objective: Expand market reach in Asia. Stay ahead of recruiting and hiring regulations. December 1, 2022. Key Result: Drive 1M web visitors Contrary to Objectives you should follow the S.M.A.R.T. Key result 2: Connect and build relationships with 10 key industry influencers. There are tons of software and HR platforms out there to help you create and track OKRs. Here are a few team OKR examples. It involves assistance in planning, training, troubleshooting, upgrading, and any other way to assist the use of the product. It is important that the definition process of OKRs is carried out thoroughly since half-heartedness in this step will pay off later by making the realization of potential OKR benefits impossible. Like OKRs, Parallax fosters better and clearer communication between leadership and teams because it offers a level of transparency thats otherwise difficult to achieve. With OKRs, your objectives are clearly documented, as are the results you want to achieve for that objective. This is often seen as short-term enough that every week counts, but long enough that real progress can be made. OKRs encourage companies to align their effort from the C-level team down to the individual. Plan projects, automate workflows, and align teams. OBJECTIVE: Build Strong Relationships with Forrester and Gartner, OBJECTIVE: Launch a New Customer Community, OBJECTIVE: Make our community known by industry experts and thought leaders. This is one of their OKRs: Check out how OKRs are perceived among your team first. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is methodology for goal setting where an objective outlines a desired outcome and is supported by 3-5 quantifiable and measurable key results to achieve that outcome. The perfect execution of OKRs from day 1 is normally impossible. In the following you will find an example of a typical OKR in Content Marketing: Filling the funnel in order to hit the Sales target is the main aim behind Lead Generation. Therefore, it's critically important to make sure you're setting CEO-level goals effectively. Support the sales team by bringing in as many qualified leads as possible. Hire skilled nurses and manage PBJ reporting. Beware: dont confuse key results with tasks. Improve and increase partnerships with other leading experts in our industry. Objective: Solidify our finances to set the stage for taking our product to the next level. Automate business processes across systems. A lot of people (including us!) However, the change lies in how the OKRs are being cascaded to the next level. It inspired creative thinking and got people excited about the future. Matthew Zehner, Founder & CEO of The Stable. rule for Key Results. Most organizations use a quarterly cadence, meaning every OKR runs for a three-month span. Improve the Engineering teams quality of delivery. Professional services companies like digital agencies and software development companies come to Parallax to function as a source of truth and reporting engine for their OKR framework. At the start of sessions, he usually tries to have some tentative objectives ready. These support you in OKR drafting with: Simply explained OKR drafting techniques, best practices and helpful OKR examples. Its a tracking and measurement framework used by individuals, teams, and companies to set goals and track against ambitious goals (objectives) and track against them over time (key results). The cascading diagram below shows how your vision is linked all the way down to both your annual and quarterly OKRs. Align campaigns, creative operations, and more. Typically, companies set OKRs using a similar structure to the org chart. Objective: Build relationships with leading market research organizations. Check out OKR examples for Company team. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world. Key Results: $100K revenue growth from $50k. Rather than creating objectives from a superiors key results, managers can set their own department OKRs, as long as they align with the company OKRs. Your privacy is important to us, and we will never sell your data. Create an OKR template Marketing. Objective: Design and develop a new product. Using OKRs as a source of individual task lists or checklists. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review article With Goals, FAST Beats SMART, Our experience working with companies suggests that relying exclusively on quantitative measures is neither necessary nor optimal. Objective: Raise the efficiency of the release build process. Increase engagement and inspire employees with continuous development. Today, organizations everywhere are adopting objectives and key results (OKRs) to help define and track tangible goals that every employee can champion. Its a qualitative and quantitate measure. Create career road maps for 100% of employees. First of all, the objective is not concrete enough, and it's not inspirational. The article also outlines how companies can use OKRs to improve communication, alignment, and engagement among employees. If you are unsure how to write your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), this article keeps you covered: Whether you are searching for insightful OKR examples in Marketing, Sales, Product, Engineering, or People and Culture - discover best practices for different functions in order to get the best out of your OKR drafting. Build easy-to-navigate business apps in minutes. Track critical documentation and control labor expenses. Smartsheet Contributor We are your partners if you lead strategy in a mid-sized organization. 2023. Hire and retain staff with earned wage access. Improve website functionality on the front-end website. Former Intel CEO, Andy Grove, created the idea for OKRs by bringing it to Intel. Check out OKR examples for Marketing team. The number of employees that have used their budget for their individual personal development has increased from 50% to 70%. How Workpath supports cost saving goals: 6 Steps to take in the Platform Insights to Navigate Crisis Bracing for Future Challenges Read more here. To make this process simpler for you, we wrote OKR examples for all levels of a digital services company. 3) Time of Performance The services of the CONSULTANT shall commence on , , and shall end on , . Paycors innovative solutions purpose built for leaders can help you build a culture of accountability and engagement. Increase first-try sign-ups to 60%, Increase story point delivery to 69 each sprint, Decrease the time taken from idea to release by 4 weeks, Reduce average number of bugs per feature to 2, The trust rate in our team is raised by 10%, Number of messages exchanged is raised by 10%, We have no fewer than 8 in-person touch points p.p. Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team and adapt as those needs change. Because OKRs are used to align all teams with an organization's top goals, your entire company's OKRs are only as effective as the ones you set at the very top. 4. Find a partner or join our award-winning program. What you can expect: OKR drafting techniques explained simple and concise, best practices and helpful OKR examples. But more important than the software is creating a culture that embraces the OKR framework! Attract top talent, develop employees, and make better decisions with actionable data. Key Result 1: Increase partnerships in key locations by 10 more. Increase Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to 2,600. This OKR example for Sales is focusing on the key factor alignment. Average customer health score goes up from 7 to 9. We achieve a steadily increasing inflow (1) of high quality leads (2) for the high priority accounts to equip (3) our Sales people with the right preconditions to close their deals. Your mission statement is where you outline how your products or services will lead to accomplishing your vision. Its time to dream big. Introduction to OKRs. HR solutions purpose-built to help CFOs mitigate risk and control costs. The mission of the Walt Disney Company is to be one of the worlds leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Therefore, OKRs are considered team OKRs not individual OKRs. We create focus and alignment in 60 days. Get answers to common questions or open up a support case. Additionally, user engagement is making sure they have the best user experience possible. Keeping customers satisfied with our new features, leading to increased engagement is the main aim of User Engagement. Customer service OKR examples. Transform open enrollment and simplify the complexity of benefits admin. These examples focus on garnering more attention for the business and, thereby, more revenue. Objective: Produce widely read and quoted original content. OKRs for analyst relations offer a range of key results, from creating documents and researching backgrounds to meeting with media and research company representatives. Plan and implement change fast and mobilize resources to gain a competitive advantage. While the OKR framework is simple, actually implementing and writing your objectives and key results can be tricky. Our team of experienced sales professionals are a phone call away. HR OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) help HR teams set structured and data-driven goals and help them quantify their results. In an OKR implementation, the objective is qualitative and answers the question of what is to be accomplished. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know how Google drafts their company OKRs in the form of a simplified OKR example. Writing OKRs isn't easy. Focus on . Therefore, its critically important to make sure youre setting CEO-level goals effectively. In the tech industry, company vision is often linked to a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). Build a great place to work where employees show up, make a difference and win together. Objective: Grow sales among art students. Manufacturing. We have filled the Pipeline with people whose problems we can solve and prove to them we are the best to entrust their problem to. Learn more about Googles OKR success story! Objectives and key results (OKRs) help organizations get alignment amongst teams. The following comprehensive list provides OKR goal-setting examples that you can use or adapt to your team or department. Were going to tell you everything you need to know about how to write great OKRs. Read these case studies to see why. Manage campaigns, resources, and creative projects at scale. Also, cross-functional team OKRs are the best. To help businesses, Paycor is offering 45 examples of great OKRs, covering a wide range of job functions and department-levels. The sales OKRs shown below emphasize attaining a target dollar amount in revenue or making a certain number of contacts that could lead to sales. A best practices is to create annual organization-wide OKRs that support your direction, then have individuals create quarterly supporting OKRs that support your annual organization-wide KRs. Objective: Revitalize the sales lead process. Get a whiteboard. The nature of this OKR alignment inspires companies that have flexible cultures which promote agile changes and growth. 300, Top 3 Reasons Why you Need to Take Action and Adopt Parallax One level down, we have the Director of Product and Director of Marketing. Streamline your construction project lifecycle. OKRs can fail for several different reasons, but the most common factors include: OKRs are most effective when aligned with your organizations strategic direction and 3-year roadmap. OKR Examples / OKR Templates for Professional Services. The numbers of employees that have followed at least one of the offered training programs goes up by 15%. In this article, youll learn about the importance of setting OKRs and find an extensive list of OKR samples and examples for a range of businesses, as well as for individual departments. It allows agencies or software development firms to focus on Objectives that can be more qualitative in nature (e.g., Win more work with the type of clients we like best.), while still being quantitative and measurable with the supporting Key Results (e.g., Win three new deals with companies disrupting the healthcare industry.). Objective: Identify pain points in the drawing wizard. OKRs are time-boxed and run for a predetermined amount of time. It provides a framework for establishing human resource objectives, observing key results, and achieving goals within the HR function that impact the organizational goals. Increase our reach and brand awareness outside of current geography. Deliver results faster with Smartsheet Gov. OBJECTIVE: Generate new bookings pipeline, OBJECTIVE: Recruit World-Class A-Players for Our Sales Team, OBJECTIVE: Develop Our Reps into the Best Sales Team in the Industry, OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Sales in the Central region, OBJECTIVE: Improve Sales in South America, OBJECTIVE: Implement SDR social selling process, OBJECTIVE: Grow Our Upsell and Cross-sell, OBJECTIVE: Enable Our Sales to Be More Successful, OBJECTIVE: Improve our Sales Analytics Process, OBJECTIVE: Grow Sales Through our Channel Partner, OBJECTIVE: Create an Exceptional Corporate Culture / Delight Our Employees, OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Employee Retention, OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Score, OBJECTIVE: Make All of Our Managers More Effective and Successful, OBJECTIVE: Complete Our Employee Reviews Efficiently and on Time, OBJECTIVE: Transition to Ongoing Performance Management, OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Architecture, OBJECTIVE: Build a World-Class Engineering Team, OBJECTIVE: Drive Quality for Features in Our New Release, OBJECTIVE: Improve the Email Delivery Architecture, OBJECTIVE: Launch a high-quality Product Beta, OBJECTIVE: Launch the New Product Successfully, OBJECTIVE: Be Proactive with Customer Success, OBJECTIVE: Deliver a World-Class Customer Support Experience, OBJECTIVE: Ensure Customer Support is a High-Performance Team, OBJECTIVE: Implement a Scalable Customer Support Process, OBJECTIVE: Track All Critical Support Metrics, OBJECTIVE: Improve our Annual Budgeting Process, OBJECTIVE: Improve our Financial Reporting Process, OBJECTIVE: Improve our IT and Infrastructure, Win 1,000 deals worth $10M in bookings by 12/31/17, Generate 50,000 marketing qualified leads, Reduce churn to <5% annually through customer success, Roll out a continuous two-way feedback loop via weekly surveys, Maintain an average employee satisfaction score of 8 or higher, Create & launch new mentorship program by the end of Q3, Develop 15 customer case studies by 4/30/17, Secure an award at an industry conference, Hit company global sales target of $100 Million in Sales, Achieve 100% year-to-year sales growth in the EMEA geography, Increase the company average deal size by 30% (with upsells), Reduce churn to less than 5% annually (via Customer Success), Interview 20 customers per month and get feedback, Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process, Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction / Pulse Score of 8+, Celebrate small wins and any type of progress every single week, CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly all-hands Town Hall and open Q&A meeting, Win a Best Product of the Year award at the industry conference, Generate Net-New Unique leads via Account-Based Marketing, Improve our new marketing automation process, Reduce the Customer Acquisition Costs by 20% in Q3, Build a new top-down and bottom-up Excel model to analyze the ROI, Document and implement the new ABM process, Do 2 weekly alignment meetings with the SDR team, Do 1 weekly alignment meeting with SDR team managers, Generate 20% of closed-won sales via ABM efforts in Q4, Improve conversions on Landing Pages by 10% in Q2, Get 10 new inbound links from relevant websites, Improve our internal on-page optimization, Finalize and launch 1 newsletter per month, Have 30 media calls/meetings by end of Q1, Have 15 calls/meetings with key industry influencers, Secure 2 speaking spots at the Annual Industry conference, Do 2 analyst calls - provide the new product launch update, Create a Customer Community Strategy based on best practices, Publish 60 articles during the quarter and get 6,000+ page visits, Get 30% of our customers to participate in the community, Reach out to 12 industry experts and thought leaders in Q1, Interview them and publish the interview articles on our community site, Research and publish the Industry Report & Infographics for the community, Finish all the new product website updates, Work with PR to provide technical product specs, Give an exclusive pre-launch update to customers and partners, Finalize product datasheets, feature briefs and sales enablement info, Publish 5 new partner-focused whitepapers by Q1, Launch 7 webinars to educate our partners, Do a 5-city Lunch & Learn event for partners, Keep pipeline above 5x of quota to ensure a 20% Win Rate, Hire 5 new Sales Managers by the end of January, Maintain a 4:1 onsite "Interview Offer" ratio, Ensure we do regular sales coaching every week, Bring in the new sales training company to improve our training, Do regular monthly anonymous surveys of SDRs and AEs and get their feedback, Develop relationships with 50 new targets or named accounts, Onboard 10 new resellers that focus on the Central region, Offer extra kicker to AEs to achieve 120% focusing on the Central region, Implement a new sales training program for our South American team, Receive 5-star reviews from our customers who will serve as references, Bring in $50,000 in bookings by end of Q3, Increase upsell and cross-sell revenue by 40%, Have regular weekly alignment meetings with Customer Success, Ensure we update our new sales technology stack, Implement the new process for measuring Outbound vs. Inbound, Revise all the email sequences and upload it into the new sales messaging tool, Update the CRM based on the new sales pipeline review process, Help the VP of Sales with the new data to finalize the new compensation plan, Implement a sales analytics and Business Intelligence platform, Set up sales cycle and average deal size triggers to email our VP of Sales, Review Sales Activity metrics and send a weekly summary to the team, Review Sales Pipeline metrics and send a weekly summary to the team, Review retrospective Sales Results metrics and send a weekly summary to the team, Recruit 30 new channel partners in Eastern, Central and Western geographies, Finalize the new 20% channel sales promotion for Q3, Implement the new channel partner website section, Improve the channel partner onboarding process and documents, Create clarity of all departments and teams via clear OKR goals, Celebrate "small wins" and any type of progress every single week, CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly Town Hall with Open Q&A, Improve our 2-way closed-loop feedback and ongoing performance management process, Improve our employee engagement score and employee satisfaction to 8 or above, Survey employees monthly on how to make our company an even better place to work, Assess if we are paying salaries and benefits at market rates, Offer our employees a $500 reward for referrals of A-Players whom we hire, Hire 25 new employees this quarter for the 5 requesting departments, Survey interviewees after each interview process and get feedback, Ensure every manager company-wide is doing an ongoing, 2-way feedback loop, Survey employees using a Pulse (Employee Satisfaction Index) weekly, Ensure we are setting clarity of work with goals to boost engagement, Provide consistent training to managers on how to manage effectively, Ensure every manager is doing regular 1-on-1 meetings with 2-way feedback, Do monthly anonymous employee surveys to get feedback on managerial effectiveness, Survey our employees on how they like our new ongoing performance process, Collect all performance review notes from our 30 front-line managers, Announce the transition from the outdated annual performance review process, Implement the ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback with lite check-ins, Announce new annual reviews to serve as a summary for the ongoing process, Have engineering team contribute X story points, Upgrade our database and complete data migration, Offer a $500 reward for referrals to A-Players, Hire 5 referred engineers with exceptional references by end of Q2, Maintain a 4:1 onsite "Interview Hire" ratio, Implement the new QA automation tool and process, Ensure no more than 1 critical bug reported in Q3, Ship the new architecture docs to all internal teams, Conduct 30 customer development interviews, Review 10 usage videos via UserTesting.com and summarize it internally, Do 2 training sessions on the new product for Marketing and Sales teams, Help Product Marketing by reviewing their technical spec documents, Interview 50 prospective customers and get their initial feedback, Get usability score above 8/10 on UX mockups from 20 prospective customers, Specify 5 elements in UX mockups to increase product's usage engagement, Get internal feedback score of 10/10 from the sales team, Be proactive in assessing our drops in account usage or at-risk usage, Apply Best Practices to ensure we have NPS score of 8 and above, Implement a Customer Success platform to track customer health, Reach out to customers who appear to be at-risk, Achieve a CSAT of 90%+ for all Tier-1 tickets, Resolve 95% of Tier-2 support tickets in under 24 hours, Each support rep to maintain a personal CSAT of 95% or more, Maintain a weekly Support group ESI/Pulse score of 8 or greater, Finalize resource allocation with the VP of Support, Promote 2 customer support reps to managers, Implement our new customer support platform, Updated 30 "How-To" articles on the Knowledge Base, Track and report on Number of New Tickets to Resolved Tickets, Track and report on Average Resolution Time, Track and report on Top 10 Customers by Active Tickets, Have a meeting with every VP about the new process, Review everyone's budget proposals before mid-Q3, Implement the cloud-based version of QuickBooks, Ensure we close our financials within 2 weeks of a quarter, Implement the new cloud backup system and process, Improve internal IT satisfaction and response time. prairie island per capita, is tenesha murphy still married, bennie thompson net worth 2021,

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